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Történelmi épületek

Cathedral of St. John the DivineCathedral of Saint John the Divine
Chrysler BuildingChrysler Building
James Brown HouseThis site includes highlights from the book Ear*Inn*Virons: History of the Landmark James Brown House." Ear*Inn*Virons traces the heritage and legends of this New York City landmark. It chronicles the history and culture of the vibrant West S
Ear Inn, James Brown House, historic landmark, New York City, West Soho, history, waterfront bar,his
Rockefeller CenterSpanning 22 acres and featuring 19 commercial buildings in New York, Rockefeller Center is one of the most popular attractions in NYC.
rockefeller center tree,ice skating nyc,popular new york city landmarks,30 rock ny.
The New York Yacht ClubWarren and Wetmore Architects, 1899-1901, the New York Yacht Club, long-time defender of the Americas Cup. Whitney Warren (1864-1943) and Charles Wetmore (1866-1941). The photographs are copyrighted and registered 1999 by Walter Dufresne.
New York Yacht Club Warren and Wetmore Architects America's Cup Whitney Warren (1864-1943) Charles W
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New York

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